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First Performed

Brief Summary

1975 Irene Vela 04/2003, Melbourne Workers Theatre, Melbourne. The Whitlam Labor government is under siege. An Australian journalist is missing in Balibo.  If they bury the body, they bury the truth.

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Abelard and Heloise

Paul Kavanagh, Ross Fiddes

10/10/2002, Christchurch Cathedral, Newcastle, NSW

Based on the passionate letters of the lovers themselves and an autobiography by Abelard.

Accidental Miracles

Justin Fleming, Stephen Edwards

Across the Bounding Man Pam Ayres, Tony Rees

Adventures of Sport Billy, The

Tony Rees, Gary Young

Africa: A Savage Musical

Steve J. Spears

11/01/1974, Pram Factory, Melbourne, VIC

After the Beep Mark Jones, Craig Christie 2004, Chapel Off Chapel, Melbourne Vic The story of Jason and Samantha, a couple who's five year relationship has reached a stormy ending.  As they attempt to resolve their break up via phone messages and SMS, we look backwards through their time together.  An 'out of love' story for the new millennium. MORE>
Air Heart Allan McFadden, Peter Fleming 2003, Brigidine College, Sydney, NSW Musical based on the life, love and exploits of America's sweetheart Amelia Earheart who disappeared flying around the world.

Aladdin - The Rock Musical

Gary Wong, Rob Robson

1985, Shepparton, VIC


Edith Harry, Richard Lomas, Erskine Urquhart, Paul Plunkett

03/12/1941, Princess Theatre, Melbourne, VIC



Alice in Wonderland

Mike Carter

Alison the Musical Darryl Chute 2007, Rose Bay High School, Hobart, TAS A time before personal computers and mobile phones. When man was headed for the moon. A time when music on the radio could change your life...

All Het Up

John Thorn, Fiona Thorn, Guy Rundle

2002, Melbourne Fringe Festival

Jack and Tash meet in a bar, Will and Kate meet on an arranged date.  Jack thinks Tash is flash, Will thinks Kate's great.  But will Tash crash and will Will grate on Kate?  All Het Up is a romantic musical comedy set in the midst of the contemporary dating scene. MORE>

All Saint's Day

Peter Pinne, Don Battye

07/12/1960, National Theatre, Melbourne, VIC

Two models and a girl from the bush enter a Miss Mascot competition and fall in love along the way.


William May, Jason Sprague, Frank Hauser

20/05/1997, Victoria Palace Theatre, London (UK)

Angry Penguins

Carissa Campbel

1995, Tilbury Hotel

Carissa Campbell, Peter J Casey

An Italian Straw Hat

Charlie Little, Andrew Davidson

1996, Bondi Pavillion Theatre, Bondi Beach, NSW

Based on the French comedy by Eugene Labiche and Marc Michel.

Anitra Joyce Powne, Cid Elwood 03/04/1950, Moonee Ponds Town Hall, Melbourne, VIC  
A Portrait of Love Russel Dunlop, Duke Minks, Tom Moeller, Greg Moeller   The life of Leonardo Da Vinci in musical form.
Ark of Oz, The Faye Bendrups, Jill Morris, Mary Lancaster 29/06/1988  
Arthur Circus John Adkins 07/11/1974, Darwin Community College, Darwin, NT  


Andrew Lane

31/3/1996, Founders Hall, Ballarat.

Based on the fall of the mythical island.


Melinda Coates, Adam Vujic

2003, Miner's Lamp Theatre, Woolongong, NSW

A love story against the backdrop of the legendary city.


Kevin Purcell, Victor Kazan, S. Paix, S. Dillon, D. Wayman

Aussie Rules the Musical Daryl Peebles, Fran Armstrong 10/08/2000, Peacock Theatre, Hobart, TAS Traces the fortune of a sporting team and a country town.

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Babel Justin Fleming, Thos Hodgson
Backstreets Andrew Lane 11/1991 Monivae College, Hamilton
Ballad of Angel's Alley Jeff Underhill, Bruce George 26/12/1958, New Theatre, Melbourne, VIC Deals with the "push" wars of the 1890's.
Bats Simon Denver, Ian Dorricott   A gothic horror suitable for junior high school.
Beach Blanket Tempest: A Pocket Opera Dennis Watkins, Chris Harriot 25/07/1984, Cairns Civic Theatre, Cairns, QLD An updated adaptation of Shakespeare's: "The Tempest".
Beauty and the Beast Peter Pinne, Don Battye 03/01/1980, Alexander Theatre, Melbourne, VIC When a handsome Prince is turned into a beast by a witch, he is restored to normal by the love of the most beautiful girl.
Beauty Spot, The David W Young 22/05/2006, Theatre Works, Melbourne, VIC In a world where image is everything, what would a 'Plain Jane' do to get further up the corporate ladder?
Betrothed, The Nick Enright, David King 15/06/1993, Mt Lawley Theatre, WAAPA, Perth, WA Based on I Promessi sposi by Alessandro Manzoni
Better Known as Bee Tony Rees, David Mitchell, Ian Dickson, Peter Thornburn 21/11/1984, Q Theatre, Penrith, NSW  
Better Life, A Linda Jaivin, Ed Kuepper   A refugee's journey to Australia
Big Sister - A Larrikin Opera Fred Humpton, Stephen 'Spud' Murphy, Reg Livermore 29/04/1990, Parramatta Riverside Theatre, Parramatta, NSW
Biggles Michael Boddy, Marcus Cooney, Ron Blair 2/12/1970, Nimrod Street Theatre, Sydney, NSW
Billabong Bill Peter Pinne, Don Battye 24/08/1976, Alexander Theatre, Melbourne, VIC A musical set in the Australian bush with conservation as its theme.
Billy Can John Wikman 2004, Yerronga State High School Theatre, Brisbane, QLD An Aussie version of Peter Pan, where Billy Can and his mates have fun and adventure in the outback.

Bit O' Petticoat, A

Peter Pinne, Ray Kolle 11/02/1984, Playhouse, Hobart, Tasmania Based on Oriel Gray's award-winning play "The Torrents" this light-hearted musical deals with feminism and the saving of the environment.  In the late 1800's a fiesty young woman is hired to work on the local newspaper and despite prejudices about women in the workplace, proves with humour and guile she can more than hold her own with the men. MORE>
Blue Mountain Melody Charles Zwar, J.C. Bancks 22/09/1934, Theatre Royal, Sydney, NSW
Boadicea - A Celtic Rock Opera Clarry Evans, Judy Stevens 01/02/1979, Twelfth Night Theatre, Brisbane, QLD
Body and Soul Richard Tulloch, Saxon Francis
Boojum! Peter Wesley-Smith, Martin Wesley-Smith 10/03/1986, Scott Theatre, Adelaide, SA  
Boy from Oz, The Nick Enright, Peter Allen, et al. 5/3/1998, Her Majesty's Theatre, Sydney, NSW Autobiographical musical on the life and music of Peter Allen
Boy's Own McBeth Grahame Bond, Jim Burnett 11/07/1979, Kirk Gallery, Sydney, NSW A 42 year-old schoolboy exploits a scam guaranteeing him free board and lodging - as long as he stays in school.
Bran Nue Day Jimmy Chi and Knuckles 22/02/1990, Octagon Theatre, Perth, WA
Bridge, The Robyn Archer, Russell Sare 24/06/1992, Academy Theatre, WAAPA, Perth, WA
Brunswick - the Musical! Geoffrey O'Connell, John Lonie 01/05/1982, St Martin's Theatre, Melbourne, VIC Adapted from The Pyjama Game
Buckley's! Glenn Hendrich, Nick Enright, David Allen, David Allen, Ariette Taylor 04/04/1981, The Playhouse, Adelaide, SA  
Bunch of Ratbags, A Peter Pinne, Don Battye 14/05/1966, Emerald Theatre Hill, Melbourne, Victoria Based on the controversial book of the same name, this is a funny, abrasive, and confronting look at teenage delinquency during the rock 'n' roll 50's in Melbourne.  A young man rises to fame and glory as the leader of a teenage gang, then deals with the downfall, and eventual escape from his environment. MORE>
Burger Brain Dennis Watkins, Chris Harriot
Buskers and Angels Jon English (additional: David Mackay, Jonathon Biggins) 13/10/2000, Civic Theatre, Newcastle, NSW

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Cabbage Tree, The Edgar F. Penzig 05/1971, The Henry Lawson Theatre, Penrith, NSW  
Captain Bloody Graham Bond, Jim Burnett 01/05/1984, Footbridge Theatre, Sydney, NSW  
Carboni George Dreyfus, Alan John, Paul Turner, John Romeril Melbourne, VIC  
Careful, He Might Hear You, The Musical Ron Creager, David Sale 20/10/99, Street Theatre, Canberra, ACT Based on the novel by Sumner Locke Elliot
Caroline Peter Pinne, Don Battye 24/2/1971, St. Martins Theatre, Melbourne, VIC A musical play based on the life and times of Caroline Chisolm, the charismatic 19th Century social reformer.  In the face of strong opposition she finds work and homes for Sydney's immigrant girls and charms Colonial authorities to reunite families across the globe. MORE>
Cash! Patrick Flynn, Frank Boddy, Marcus Cooney 09/02/1972, Theatre Royal, Hobart, TAS Based on the life and adventures of Martin Cash
Catspaw Dorothy Hewett, Terence Clarke 1973, New Fortune Theatre, University of WA, WA.  
Cedar Tree, The Varney Monk, Helene Barclay, Edmund Barclay, Jack Mcleod 22/12/1934, Princess Theatre, Melbourne, VIC  
Chair in the Landscape Ian Jefferson, Beth Daly, Darly Wallis, Peter J Casey 25/06/1992, Zenith Theatre, Chatswood, NSW Bill runs a hotel business in the country, but it has fallen on hard times so a sale of his memorabilia has been organised.
Changelings, The Terry Ryan, Andrew Davidson 1990, Marian Street Theatre for Young People, Killara, NSW A human child and a fairy child are swapped at birth by a mischievous sprite.
Chapel Perilous, The Dorothy Hewett, Frank Arndt
City of the Plains, The Bob Ellis, Robin McLachlan 05/05/2001, Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre, Bathurst, NSW A musical drama in three acts telling Bathurst's Federation story.
Collit's Inn Varney Monk, T. Stuart Gurr, Harry Jacobs, Jock McLeod, George Wallace, Charles Zwar 11/03/1932,  Mosman Town Hall, Mosman, NSW. Mary is caught in a triangle of love. She is being pursued by Robert Keane, a bushranger, but loves a redcoat officer named Captain John Lake.
Come Hell or High Water: the Territory Rock Opera Bob Sharp, Barney Foran 12/04/1988, Araluen Arts Centre, Alice Springs, NT
Computer, The Peter Pinne, Don Battye 06/03/1972, AMP Theatre, Adelaide, SA A boy from the country gets a job in a city computer installation and finds romance.
Coping! Michael Jeffery 09/04/1999, Chapel Off Chapel, Melbourne, VIC A humorous look at dealing with adversities.
Corrugation Road Jimmy Chi, Pigram Brothers, Knuckles, et al 10/10/1996, Street Theatre, Canbera, ACT
Cousin From Fiji, The Peter Narroway, Ruth Barratt, Lois Ramsay 11/10/1962, Space Theatre, Adelaide, SA Based on the novel by Norman Lindsay
Crusade Craig Christie, Wayne Hocking 5/9/1995, Canterbury Girls' Secondary College, Melbourne, VIC Based on a true story, and set in France in 1212, "Crusade" is the story of a young shepherd boy who claims a visitation of God and leads a group of thousand of children on a Crusade to win back Jerusalem. MORE>
Crystal Balls Justin Fleming, Stephen Edwards
Cuba Ken Cotterill, Jerry Micola, Rhonda Micola 10/10/2002, Atherton International Club, Atherton, QLD A musical of love, passion and adventure, set during the Cuban Revolution.
Curse of the Mummy Simon Denver, Ian Dorricott   A senior high school musical about a father, a daughter and ... a mummy!
Cyrano Ian Owens, Paul Haines 20/07/1981, Space Theatre, Adelaide, SA Loosely based on Rostrand's Cyrano de Bergerac.
Cyrano David Reeves, Hal Shaper 05/11/1992, Piazza Concert, Brisbane, QLD Adapted from the heroic comedy by Edmond Rostrand.

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Damage Tony Rees
Devil's Tango, The Justin Fleming, Stewart D'Arietta
Darlinghurst Nights Katherine Thomson, Max Lambert 07/01/1988, Wharf Theatre, Sydney, NSW Based on the book Darlinghurst Nights by Kenneth Slessor
Dead ... But Immortal Paul Kooperman 1997, Hole in the Wall Theatre Deals with two bad songwriters who fake their death to become famous.  Everything goes to plan until they meet one fan who knows more about the band than the band itself.
Dingo Girl Chris Harriot, Denis Watkins 25/06/1982, Footbridge Theatre, Sydney, NSW
Dinkum Assorted Linda Aronson 01/06/1988, Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House, Sydney, NSW
Doctor Morphus Dean Snook
Don't Tell Helena Peter Pinne / Don Battye 12/09/1962, Russell Street Theatre, Melbourne, VIC A madcap university girl causes havoc in a department store when she is employed to sell a new range of cosmetics.
Do or Die Craig Christie, Andrew Patterson 8/1999, Billanook College, Melbourne, VIC A perfect musical for high-schools, "Do or Die" follows the conflict and drama as the struggling football team and the champion girl's Hockey team from an inner city high school battle it out over the school oval for training...MORE>
Dorian David Reeves
Dosh! Michael Jeffery 30/03/2000,Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne, VIC A humorous look at the world of money.
Down Under in Australia Phil Splitter, Susie Davies-Splitter
Dreamtime Show, The Royce Edwards 01/12/1978, Civic Centre, Coffs Harbour, NSW
Dreaming The Pink Dingo Anthony Crowley 2000, Playbox, Melbourne VIC  
Dutch Courage Sean Peter, Barry Lowe 1997, Adelaide, SA Dutch Courage is a powerful and timely musical providing strong roles for 7 male actors. Set in Amsterdam during the occupation of Nazi Germany, Dutch Courage brings a unique perspective to the historic occurrences of World War II, affecting its audiences with messages of acceptance, persecution and survival. MORE>
Dutch Kitchen Winifred Dickinson, Betty Rowe 1932, The Playbox Theatre, Perth, WA
Dutini: A Song of India Tom King, Jack Fewster, Edith Aird 1931, Adelaide, SA

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Eighth Wonder, The Alan Johns, Dennis Watkins   An architect from Denmark starts building the Sydney Opera House -  but is sacrificed on the altar of local politics.
Emerald Room, The Chris Harriot, Dennis Watkins 17/12/1994, The Playhouse, Adelaide, SA
Emperors' New Clothes, The Peter Pinne, Don Battye 03/01/1978, Alexander Theatre, Melbourne, VIC The Emperor commissions a couple of con men to make clothes for him and ends up parading in the nude.
Ernest Paul Kooperman, (Oscar Wilde) 1994, Effie Crump Theatre A musical adaptation of the classic text: 'The Importance of Being Earnest" by Oscar Wilde.
Essington Lewis: "I Am Work" Allan McFadden, John O'Donoghue 05/09/1981, Playhouse, Newcastle, NSW Documentary theatre on BHP, from mining to steel - and similarly Australia's development.
eurobeat - the eurovision musical Andrew Patterson, Craig Christie 2004, Chapel Off Chapel, Melbourne, VIC A staging of a faux Eurovision Song Contest in Sarajevo. The sugar-sweet quartet from Sweden, the icy boy-band from Russia and the disturbingly out-of-tune duet from the United Kingdom are all part of an international musical cocktail served up with all the colour, tackiness and political agendas of the real Eurovision. MORE>
Even More Wonderful Wollongong David Vance, Paul Coombes, Carmel Pass 14/11/1985, Bridge Theatre, Coniston, NSW  
Evie and the Birdman John Field 03/07/2001, Bondi Pavilion Theatre, Sydney, NSW

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F.F.F Reg. A A. Stoneham, CJ. DeGaris 28/08/1920, Prince of Wales Theatre, Adelaide, SA  
Far From the Madding Crowd Tim Passmore
Favourite Son Terry Stapleton, David Reeves 28/12/1990, Comedy Theatre, Melbourne, VIC  
Felix Andrew Zito, Nicholas Daly 2003, Monash University, Melbourne, VIC

A man is arrested for bursting into song in public. The town he lives in can't understand his need to sing.

Flame of Desire Jack O'Hagan, Ernest C Rolls, J L Gray 19/08/1931, Apollo Theatre, Melbourne, VIC  
Flash Jim Vaux Ron Blair, Terence Clarke, Charles Colman 28/04/1971, Nimrod Street Theatre, Sydney, NSW Based on the memoires of James Hardy Vaux.
Follow Your Dream Peter Orchard 28/10/2000, The Edge Theatre, Newtown, NSW
Food of Love, The Craig Christie, Andrew Patterson, Wayne Hoskings 2002, Mildura/Wentworth Arts Festival A banquet of food and music where each course of music introduces each course of the meal.
For The Term of His Natural Life Mark Hulsman, Don Gray 12/03/2003, Hobart College Theatre, Hobart, TAS  
Forever to Remain Marjorie Nugent, D. Vincent Munro 01/08/1962, Rockhampton, QLD Adapted from the novel of the same name by E.V. Timms Rockhampton.
Fridge John Wiikman 2, API Theatre, Brisbane, QLD A romantic comedy set in a refrigerator about the tasty affairs of meat, eggs, cheese, fish, cake, chocolate, chips, milk, fruit and vegetables.

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Ginger Meggs Jim Graham, Gary Downe A high-school musical based on the popular comic strip.
Ginger Meggs and the Missing Link Jim Graham, Gary Downe 27/12/1991, Seymour Centre, Sydney, NSW A high-school musical based on the popular comic strip.
Ginge's Last Stand Jean-Claude San Souci, Ken Horler 03/01/1975, Nimrod Upstairs, Sydney, NSW
Girl from Snowy, The Albert Arlen 17/03/1960, Riverside Theatre, Canberra, ACT
Gnomes and Gardens Jo Denver, Allan Melville   The neighbourhood children join forces with the garden gnomes to defeat an architect with no environmental values.
Go Noah! Jo Denver, Ian Dorricott   The Noah story with a few unexpected twists.
Goddesses Wendy Waters, Ian Camilleri 12/12/2002, The Spotlight Theatre, Benowa, QLD
Going Round Again Tony Rees
Gone with Hardy David Allen, Terence Clarke 1978, Nimrod Theatre, Sydney, NSW Laurel and Hardy dump their first straight woman.
Good Fight, The Nick Enright, David King 19/03/2002, WAAPA, Perth, WA Based on the life of Les Darcy
Good Oil, The Coralie Candon 04/11/1958, The Playhouse, Perth, WA
Good Ship Walter Raleigh Reg Livermore, Paul Eddey, Union Theatre, Melbourne, VIC 01/01/1963
Grunt! A Pig of a Musical Jo Denver, Ian Dorricot Contemporary musical adaptation of George Orwell's Animal Farm
Gumshoe Simon Denver, Donald Woodward A spy musical for senior high school students.

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Happy Endings Paul Kooperman 1993, WAAPA, WA A romance novelist invents a character to create her own real life happy ending.
Healo Kenneth Duffield, Don Titheridge, Ronald Jeans, Biddy Cowell 24/05/1924, Theatre Royal, Adelaide, SA
Helen, Not of Troy Joyce Powne, Cid Ellwood 03/05/1949, Kings Theatre, Melbourne, VIC
Henry Simon Denver, Ian Dorricott   Comedy musical for senior high school students based on the infamous Henry VIII
Herman the Merman Sam Goodwin, Erica Scholz 1998 Having a sea witch's curse placed upon him as an infant hasn't stopped the loveable Herman the Merman from enjoying life under the sea.
He's Just a Friend Cheryl Spooner
Highwayman, The Edmund Samuel 1950, King's Theatre, Melbourne, VIC
Hills Family Show Collective Collaboration 26/06/1975, Pram Factory, Melbourne, Vic
His Majesty's Pleasure Jo Denver, Ian Dorricot A lively, earthy show about the first recorded play on Australian soil.
Holes in the Soles Barbara Tasker 1991, Albury, NSW Based on "12 Dancing Princesses" by Hans Anderson
How the West was Warped Simon Denver, Donald Woodward   A cowboy comedy for senior high school students with a host of colourful characters.
Hunchback of Nostradamus, The Mary McMahon, Donald Woodward   A fast-moving comedy making light of an age of fear and superstition.

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Iceberg Cometh, The Alan John, Andrew Cornish, Denis Watkins 20/03/1981, Union Theatre, University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW
Ides of March Paul Kooperman, (William Shakespeare) 1992, Regal Theatre A Shakespeare 'who-dunnit'. The witches from Macbeth incriminate Hamlet, Kate the shrew and others in the murder of Romeo, while Prospero takes on the detective role.
I Get The Music In You Queenie van de Stand, Tony Taylor, Peter J. Casey, Carissa Campbell 23/07/2005, The Statement Cabaret Lounge, Sydney, NSW Close your eyes, open your mind and prepare to ‘get the music in you’ with this intensive one-night “workshop” taught by New Age music therapist Jan van de Stool.
It Happened in Tanjablanca Peter Pinne, Don Battye, John Michael Howson 2/10/1968, Viaduct Theatre, Melbourne, VIC A musical who-dunnit based on dramatic films of the 1940's.  Featuring a cast of recognizable characters which include an American movie star, a tweedy English eccentric and a European Countess, "It Happened in Tanjablanca" will delight audiences of all ages. MORE>
I Should Be So Lucky David Knox, (Various) 16/01/2002, Chapel Off Chapel, Prarah, VIC A gay romantic comedy based on the songs of Kylie Minogue.
I'm Not Henry Lawson's Mother Melvyn Morrow, James Long 1994
In Your Dreams Gary Wong, Rob Robson

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Jack and the Beanstalk Peter Pinne, Don Battye 05/12/1976, Alexander Theatre, Melbourne, VIC The traditional story written as a pantomime.
Jackal, The Desmond J Flannery
Jack Be Quick John Wikman 1997, API Theatre, Brisband, QLD A pantomime of nursery rhyme characters where Jack has to find out who stole Sukey the royal cat before the clock strikes one.
Jack O'Hagan's Humdingers Melvyn Morrow, David Mitchell, Jack O'Hagan Based on the music of iconic Australian songwriter Jack O'Hagan
James Dossier, The Patrick Flynn, Bob Ellis 12/11/1975, Theatre 3, Canberra, ACT
Jason James Allan McFadden 29/09/1976, Newcastle, NSW Based on the Greek myth of Jason and the Golden Fleece
Jekyll Tony Rees, Gary Young
Joan Patrick Flynn, Dorothy Hewett 27/08/1975, Canberra Theatre, Canberra, ACT
Joanna Alaric Howitt, W Clapp 03/10/1936, Kings Theatre, Melbourne, Vic
Joe Starts Again Dean Lotherington, Martin Croft, Mark Fletcher 21/08/2003, Chapel Off Chapel, Melbourne, VIC Meet Joe Thompson.  Joe is about to embark on a search for love and companionship, a search he's finding daunting. "Joe Starts" Again is an award-winning one-man tour de force MORE>
John and Sarah Anthony Costanzo, MaryAnn McCormack
Jogger Jimmy Saves the Day Tony Rees, Gary Young
Jonah - The Musical Jonathon Wheeldon 25/05/200, Huskisson.
Jonah Jones Alan John, John Romeril 26/10/1985, Wharf Theatre, Sydney, NSW
Journey Girl, The Anthony Crowley 1996, Masonic Hall Yarraville, Melbourne, VIC
Juanita Tom King, Jack Fewster, Edith Aird 18/09/1929, Theatre Royal, Adelaide, SA
Julius Caesar Allan McFadden 2002, Brigidine College, Sydney, NSW Tonal opera based on the Shakespearean play
Jumpin' the Q Dean Bryant, Matthew Frank 11/10/2002, York Theatre, NYC (USA) A satire on the "child overboard" scandal and reality TV - centered on a talent quest for potential immigrants.
Jungle Fantasy Mary McMahon, Donald Woodward   A musical for junior high school students featuring an array of popular jungle characters.
Jungleland Sam Goodwin, Erica Scholz 1997 Orphans Jane and Jim live in harmony with their electric community of jungle friends.  Until the arrival of four snobby surveyors.

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King of Country Tim Gooding 24/08/1984, ANU Arts Centre, ACT

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Lasseter Sandra McKenzie, Patrick Flynn, Reg Livermore 08/10/1971, Parade Theatre, Sydney, NSW
Last Wake at She Oak Creek, The Allan McFadden, Bob Herbert 1985, Binalong, NSW  
Legend of King O'Malley, The Bob Ellis, Michael Boddy 11/06/1970, Jane Street Theatre, Sydney, NSW
La Belle Otero John Loughman
Life By Drowning Gary Young, Paul Keelan
Life's A Circus Anthony Costanzo, Peter Fitzpatrick 03/08/2009, Theatre Works, Melbourne, VIC A thrilling combination of circus and theatre about contemporary love and timeless betrayal.
Little Tin Soldier, The Peter Pinne, Don Battye 04/12/1977, Alexander Theatre, Melbourne, VIC Set in Toyland, a tin soldier goes through a series of adventures before returning to friends in Toyland.
Little Women Bruce George, Ray Kolle 13/05/1964, The Arts Theatre, Melbourne, VIC Based on Little Women and Good Wives by Lousia M Alcott
Lola Montez Alan Burke, Peter Benjamin, Peter Stannard 19/02/1958, Union Theatre, Melbourne, VIC Based on the happenings of the Australian visit of celebrated courtesan and dancer Lola Montez in 1855/1856.
Love and Success Cheryl Spooner
Love Equals Craig Christie, Kristin Keam 23/05/2007, Theatre Works, St. Kilda, VIC Four remarkable women mathematicians come together in a spirited musical exploration and celebration of their passions, ideas, achievements and personal perspectives.
Love's A Game Tony Rees
Love Travelling Salesman Peter Pinne, Don Battye 06/03/1972, AMP Theatre, Adelaide, SA A young man gets a job to travel to country towns and sell love to lonely people
Lush Julie Anthony, Wayne Harrison, John Senczuk, Various

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Magic Carpet: An Original Musical Fantasy, The Nancy Hobson 15/09/1967, Kalgoorlie Town Hall, WA  
Man-Child: a Musical Odyssey in Search of Truth Chris Neal 11/08/1971, Sydney Showground, Sydney, NSW  
Man from Mukinupin, The Dorothy Hewett
Man of Ross, The Garth Chamberlain 12/10/2000, Earls Art Centre, Launceston, TAS
Man of Steel Simon Denver, Ian Dorricot Musical spoof for junior high school students about the popular superhero
Manning Clark's History of Australia Martin Armiger, George Dreyfus, David King, Tim Robertson, Don Watson, John Romeril 16/01/1988, Princess Theatre, Melbourne Based on the book by Manning Clark and featuring a variety of identifiable Australian figures.
Marriages Are Made in Heaven Albert Arlen, Lloyd Thomson, Nancy Brown 11/10/1968, Canberra, ACT
Martin and Gina Darryl Emmerson 18/05/2000, Drama Theatre, Monash University, Clayton, Melbourne, VIC

Mary Bryant

Nick Enright, David King 05/09/1988, Ensemble Theatre, Sydney, NSW

The legendary, epic story of one woman's quest for a better life during the harsh realities of Australia's colonial settlement.

Mazl-Tov Cobbers Alex Dafner, Leon Geltter 21/05/1995, Classic Theatre, Elsternwick, Melbourne, VIC
Meant to Be Spiro Liacos 11 / 2005, Performing Arts Centre, Cheltenham, VIC What do you do when your boyfriend's mum plans to marry
your dad, making you brother and sister? Try to split them up, of course...
Meet you at the Mona Lisa Beth Daly, Ian Jefferson, 25/11/1998, The Fitzroy Centre, Burwood, Melbourne, VIC
Mice: A Cheesy Little Musical Cathie Travers, Jodi Cant 16/02/2001, Matilda Bay, Crawley, Perth, WA
Min Min Mal Anderson, Ian Dorricott   At the end of a long drought, a small out-back country town try to supplement their income with a mysterious tourist venture
Miracle City Nick Enright, Max Lambert 10/01/1996, Wharf Theatre, Sydney, NSW
Mission Thraxonia John Collingwood-Smith, Lindsay Partridge
Mistress Money Eleanor Witcombe, John McKellar, Dot Mendoza Phillip St. Theatres Based on Moliere's The Miser
Modern With It Hip Kind Of Dude! Michael Jeffery and others 21/11/2003, Becket Theatre, Melbourne, Victoria A tragic-comic musing concerning the value of 'old' things in verses 'the new'.
Money Talks Jo Denver, Milton Boyle A humorous revue style show for junior high school students.
Moorish Maid, A Alfred Hill, J Young Birch 12/08/1953, Rockdale Town Hall
Morality! Melvyn Morrow
Moses! Peter Wyllie Johnston 02/05/1999. West London Synagogue, London
Mrs. Delvechio Schwartz Colleen McCullogh, Max Lambert
Mumba Jumba and the Bunyip Peter O'Shaughnessy, Valerie Fawcett, Barry Humprhies 28/12/1959, New Theatre, Melbournve, VIC
Mysterious Demise of one Brody-Marie, The Nicholas Vines

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Nathanial Storm Anthony Crowley 1993, The Parade Theatre, Sydney, NSW  
Ned Kelly Reg Livermore, Patrick Flynn 30/12/1977, Adelaide Festival Theatre, Adelaide, SA The story and life of Ned Kelly - Australia's infamous bushranger.
Ned Kelly - The Australian Knight Chris Nolan 16/11/2002, Bexley RSL Club
Ninth Wonder, The Justin Fleming, Stephen Edwards
No Ill Feeling Mary McMahon, Allan Melville   A comic hospital saga for senior high school students
Noraa Aaron Joyner 8/1998, Drama Theatre, Monash University, Melbourne, VIC A woman's memories of her troubled life are told through three seperate age representations.
Nostradamus Ziggy de Voight, Jackson B Sutcliffe 29/06/2002, Perth Concert Hall, Perth, WA
Not With Yours Truly Ivan Hutchinson, Bill Hannan, Wal Cherry, Ivan Hutchinson 15/03/1962, Emerald Hill Theatre, Melbourne, Vic
Nuclear Rodney Stewart 14/03/1973, Metro Theatre, Sydney

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Obsession Aaron Kernaghan 03/2002, Wollongong Gwynneville, NSW
Odyssey, The Andrew Lane 11/09/2000, Paramount Theatre, Echuca, VIC Futuristic musical where humans are a scavenger race, seeking freedom from "The Chosen One".
On The Wallaby Nick Enright 4/06/1980, Playhouse, Adelaide, SA
Only Heaven Knows Alex Harding 04/05/1988, Stables Theatre, Sydney, NSW
Oracle, The Alex Broun, Terry Burgan, Paul Evesden 04/10/1993, Belvoir Street Theatre, Sydney, NSW Children's musical about the importance of caring for the environment.
Orlando Rourke Nick Enright, Alan John 1985, Adelaide, SA

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Paris Jon English, David Mackay, (Various) 10/10/2003, Rockdale Town Hall Based on the love affair which sparked the fall of Troy.
Pastrana Allan McFadden, Peter Northwood 1988, Opera House, Sydney, NSW (Public Workshop Concert)
1989, Church Theatre, Melbourne, VIC
Based on the true life story of 19th Century performing freak Julia Pastrana and her desire for fame and a child.
Pearls Before Swine Dennis Watkins, Chris Harriot 13/05/1986, Belvoir Street Theatre, Sydney, NSW Vietnam war and cultural imperialism.
Persia Perhaps Stelios Saligaros, William MacPherson 24/08/1942, Repertory Theatre, Perth, WA
Pete McGynty and the Dreamtime Timothy Sexton, Keith Mitchell 01/04/1981, Athenaeum Theatre, Melbourne, VIC Based on Ibsen's Peer Gynt
Petrov - the Musical Michael Easton, Alan Hopgood 29/01/1992, Melbourne Concert Hall, Melbourne, VIC
Pinocchio Terry Ryan, Andrew Davidson 1991, Marian Street Theatre for Young People, Killara, NSW Based on the story by Carlo Collodi
Portrait John Wikan 2000, API Theatre, Brisbane, QLD A musical adaptation of Oscar Wilde's classic novel 'The Picture of Dorian Gray'
Postcards from Provence John Mallord, Melvyn Morrow 26/11/1993, Zenith Theatre, Sydney, NSW
Primates John Watson, Lance Strauss
Prisoner, Cell Block H Don Battye, Peter Pinne 23/10/1995, Queen's Theatre London, UK Based on the popular Australian television series of the same name.
Prodigal Son / Prodigal Dean Bryant, Matthew Frank Contemporary re-telling of the well known parable.

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Radio Active Mary McMahon, Donald Woodward   A musical for senior high school students set in a 1947 Radio station.
Rasputin David Tydd, David Lucas 22/08/1987, State Theatre, Sydney, NSW
Razza Ma Tazz (And All That Jazz) John Leslie, John Michael Howson 16/09/1968, Southland Shopping Centre
Rebecca - The Musical Kevin Purcell, Victor Kazan 19/07/2004, Melba Hall, Melbourne University, Melbourne, VIC Based on one of the worlds best selling novels, Rebecca - the Musical is a haunting and suspenseful Gothic thriller set against the backdrop of the English Cornish coastline.  With a sweeping score and eloquently evocative libretto, this musical adaptation of the timeless story will captivate an audience and critics alike. MORE>
Rebecca Long - Greatest Hits Live Craig Christie, Andrew Patterson 10/2002, Melbourne, VIC Faded singing legend presents her greatest hits in her comeback concert.  No, she never existed - but she should have.
Rebound Johnny Chester, Alan Hopgood The Ravens are a resilient group, determined to keep the tradition of netball alive in Pumpkin Valley.
Red Sombrero, The Cid Ellwood, Tina Bethell, Ian Wescott 29/06/1956, Ellwood Town Hall, Moonee Ponds
Red, White and Boogie Peter Pinne, Don Battye, John Michael Howson 27/11/1973, Le Chat Noir, Melbourne, Victoria Red, White & Boogie is a musical 'whodunit' based on dramatic films of the 1940's.  A re-write of "It Happened in Tanjablanca", "Red, White & Boogie" has an additional character yet a reduced cast. MORE>
Reedy River Dick Diamond 11/03/1953, New Theatre, Melbourne, VIC
Republic of Myopia, The Phillip Scott, Drew Forsythe, Jonathan Biggins 10/01/2003, Sydney Theatre, Sydney, NSW
Revelations Andrew Lane 10/09/1998 St Mary's Church, Nathalia Based on the Biblical book of Revelation.
Right Where We Are Craig Christie 2002, La Trobe University, Melbourne, VIC Based on research done about life in small towns by the Centre for Regional Communities.
Rip Van Winkle Barbara Tasker 1994, Albury, NSW Based on the fable by Washington Irving.
Robot Dreams Gerry Ostrowski
Robot Girl Sam Goodwin, Erica Scholz, Emily Frankel Blasting to the Moon in her rocket, Jenny Nova experiences the perils and pleasures of space travel.
Rum Do!, A Robin Wood, Rob Inglis 10/04/1970, SGIO Theatre, QLD
Rumpelstiltskin Peter Pinne, Don Battye 03/01/1974, Alexander Theatre, Melbourne, VIC An adaptation of the fairytale where a magic elf spins straw into gold.

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Sarah Paul Kooperman 1995, Subiaco Theatre Centre The story of a Jewish girl and young man involved with the Australia Nationalist Movement, but don't find out each others backgrounds until too late.
Satango Stewart D'Arrietta, Justin Fleming
Scheherezade Wendy Waters 14/02/2002, Gold Coast Arts Centre, QLD
Secret Travel Agents John Wiman 2009, Wonargo Cultural Centre, Brisbane, QLD Four agents are sent on a mission to carry secret bags through many countries and are closely pursued by three enemy spies.
Sentimental Bloke, The Lloyd Thomson, Nancy Brown, Albert Arlen 07/03/1961, Albert Hall, Canberra, ACT Musical based on the book of poems by CJ Dennis
Seven Little Australians John Palmer, Peter Yeldham, David Reeves 22/06/1988, Comedy Theatre, Melbourne, VIC
Sheer Luck Holmes! Ian Dorricott, Simon Denver 15/12/1979, La Boite, Brisbane, QLD Set within the framework of late Victorian England, a send-up of the great detective.
Sheik Rattle 'N' Roll Simon Denver, Ian Dorricott   A timeless musical adventure set on desert sands, beneath the desert moon and all its charms...
Shoemaker and the Elves, The Peter Pinne, Don Battye 07/01/1975, Alexander Theatre, Melbourne, VIC Mr Buckle, the town shoemaker, is going through lean times until the magic elves set about helping him.
Shout! The Legend of the Wild One John Michael Howson, David Mitchell, Melvyn Morrow 04/01/2001, State Theatre, Melbourne Musical journey of the life of famous Australian rocker Johnny O'Keefe
Shrew Barbara Tasker, Paul Tasker 1986, Albury, NSW Based on the Shakespeare play: "The Taming of the Shrew"
Shut Up and Deal Richard Philcox, Martin Philcox, Leslie Martin 13/10/1965, Russell Street Theatre, Melbourne, VIC
Sideshow Alley Paul Keelan, Gary Young 17/08/2003, Chapel Off Chapel, Melbourne, VIC
Sign of the Seahorse, The Graeme Base 01/03/2001, Melbourne Concert Hall, Melbourne, Vic
Smithy! Simon Denver, Ian Dorricott   A musical of the school play - a riotous parody of the annual nightmare.
Snugglepot and Cuddlepie Peter Combe 03/1992, Elder Park, Adelaide Based on the famous May Gibb's children's book: "The Complete Adventures of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie."
Soldiers' Wife, The Gary Wong, Rob Robson
Solution to Pollution! Tony Rees, Gary Young
Someone's Son Rick Burchall, Greg Crease
Somewhere in Perth Stelios Saligaros, D Joannides 27/09/1940, His Majesty's Theatre, Perth, WA
Songs of '54 Len Dowdle 28/10/1954, New Theatre, Melbourne, VIC
Spring Romance, A Helen M. Richardson, John A. Phillips 01/06/2000, Union Hall, Adelaide, SA
Spunks Rebel Wilson, Andrew Davidson 2002, Push Up Theatre, Stables Theatre, Sydney, NSW A group of teens come of age in their last week of high school.
Stalin - the Musical Dennis Watkins 25/09/1979, Union Theatre, Sydney, NSW
Staring at the Sun Tony Rees
Stars In Your Eyes Albert Arlen 14/10/1970, Latvian Theatre, Sydney, NSW
Star Patrol Sam Goodwin, Erica Scholz 10/2001, Caulfield Grammar School, Melbourne, VIC A weekly TV teen talent show that accommodates a team of wildly different personalities, and is on a massive decline in popularity.
Stockade Kenneth Cook, Patricia Cook 31/03/1971, Independent Theatre, Sydney, NSW
Stockdale Kenneth Cook    
Soundsations John Wikman 2002, Yeronga State High School Theatre, Brisbane, QLD A soap opera following the twisted lives and loves of the decadent Von Maestro family.
Summer Rain Nick Enright, Terence Clark 19/10/1983, Parade Theatre, Sydney, NSW A traveling tent-show arrives in outback NSW on Christmas Day 1946.  They are not welcome, but the rain comes...
Sunshine Club, The Welsey Enoch, John Rodgers 04/11/1999, Cairns Civic Theatre, QLD
Super-Nature Anthony Crowley, Luke Devenish 1992, CUB Malthouse, Melbourne, VIC  
Surf Club, The Lesma von Sturmer, Arnold Butcher, Frank McGrath, Ralph Wren, Robert Pople 02/08/1960, The Stage Club, Sydney, NSW
Surf's Up! Allan McFadden 1983, Fanny's Theatre Restaurant, Newcastle, NSW A sand opera! Boy meets girl ... looses her ... finds her again.  Bright, bouncy and catchy!
Sweet Fanny Adams Peter Pinne, Don Battye 27/06/1974, Let Chat Noir, Melbourne, VIC Set in the 1930's around the infamous red light district of Palmer Street, Sydney.

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Tale of Two Cities Kim Martin, Jennifer Langley-Kemp 22/05/1998, Roleystone Theatre, Perth, WA
Tales of Witchcraft John Loughman
Tess of the D'Urberviles Karen Louise Hebden, Justin Fleming, Stephen Edwards
That's the Spirit Barbara Tasker Albury, NSW, 1993 Original story of an Aussie in Scotland inspired by "The Canterville Ghost", "Ghost Goes West", etc.
That's the Way It Calvin DeGray, Roderic Lee 12/1977, Newtown Rules Club, Sydney, NSW
Those Dear Departed Max Lambert, Steve J. Spears 04/12/1986, Space Theatre, Adelaide, SA
Three Musketeers, The Simon Denver, Peter Merrill, Tania Merrill   Musical based on Dumas' classic tale of intrigue and adventure.
Three Vile Men John O'May, Martin Croft, Mark Jones (Kurt Weill)
Tilly Maureen Ann Moran, Tony Rees, Gary Young
Time Traveller, The John Loughman
Toykingdom Aaron Joyner 1995, Melbourne, VIC A young girl discovers her toys are alive and need her help to save their kingdom from the evil witch-doll.
Toys Andrew Lane 25/08/1999 A little girl finds her best friends are the ones in her bedroom.
Tribe Anthony Crowley S19/06/2004, Grant Street Theatre, VCA Melbourne, VIC The lives of eight school students draw a parallel between the issues of bullying and refugees.
Tropical Trouble Maurice Sheard, Lloyd Prider, Marjorie Fisher 28/10/1944, The Playbox Theatre

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Under One Roof Carissa Campbell, Peter J Casey 05/2004,Street Theatre, ACT  
Under the Coolibah Tree Dick Diamond 30/03/1955, All Saints Hall, Brisbane, QLD
Up Eddie Perfect A cycle of songs and scenes that deal with a young persons' transition from their beginning place to the next place.
Up the Shops
(formerly Jingle Belrose)
Tony Taylor, Craig Illot, Queenie Van de Zandt, Jonathan Mahor 6/12/1994, Sorlies Cabaret Restaurant, Glen St Theatre, Sydney, NSW A day in the life of a suburban mall. It is Christmas Eve and the shopkeepers are about to receive a fantastic present... closure.
Utopia 2516 Andrew Lane 09/11/1994, Hadden Theatre, Hamilton Four rulers have created the ultimate Utopia on Earth.  No hate, no greed, no war - but no emotions.

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Variations Nick Enright, Terence Clarke 02/12/1982, Nimrod Theatre, Sydney, NSW Three generations of women deal with love or the absence of it.
Venetian Twins, The Nick Enright, Terence Clarke 26/10/1979, Drama Theatre, Sydney Opera House, Sydney, NSW Based on Carlo Goldoni's "I Gemellie Veziani"
Vincent - An A'Cappella Opera Anthony Crowley, Luke Devenish 1991, St Martin's Youth Arts Centre, Melbourne, VIC  
Villian of Flowers, The Anthony Crowley, Luke Devenish 20/04/1994, Parade Theatre, Sydney, NSW
Virgin Wars, The Dean Bryant, Matthew Frank 17/05/2002, Melbourne, VIC A blackly comic look at the phenomenon of abstinence clubs in the US, and the hysteria around teen sexuality.
Voyage of Vasco Pyjama, The John B Saunders, Philip Griffin, Ingle Knight 11/10/1991, The Playhouse, Perth, WA
Vroom, Vroom Paul Coombes, Jim McCallum, Melvyn Morrow 04/29/1991, Bridge Theatre, NSW

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Walk Down the Avenue Alex Harding, Jason Stephenson
Water Into Wine Craig Christie 02/2002, Mildura, VIC Based on true stories of the lives of women on the land in the Sunraysia district (North Western Victoria) over the past 100 years, this is a stunning one-act musical for four strong performers. MORE>
Wedding Song, The Hilary Bell, Douglas Stephen Rae 16/03/1994, Parade Theatre, Sydney, NSW
West of the Black Stump Sandra McKenzie, Reg Livermore 26/11/1964, Riverside Theatre, Canberra, ACT
Westie Monologues, The Rebel Wilson, Andrew Davidson 2002, Downstairs, Belvoir Street Theatre, Sydney, NSW A comic ride through the streets of Sydney's western suburbs.
When It Happens James Long, Melvyn Morrow 02/1998, Sydney, NSW
When We Are Married Tommy Tycho, Alan Kitson 27/08/1970, Phillip Street Theatre, Sydney, NSW Based on J.B. Priestley's play When we are married
White Rose, The Craig Christie, Harry Allen, Andrew Patterson 2003, Drama Theatre, Monash University, Melbourne, VIC Based on the true story of a youth resistance movement against the third Reich in Germany, 1943, "The White Rose" has an eclectic score and scope for a large cast.  MORE>
Why Not? Walter Lynam 09/03/1933, Parramatta Town Hall, NSW
Wild Blue, The Anthony Crowley 2000, BAPA, Ballarat, VIC
Wild - The Rainforest Musical Gordon Streek, John Suffolk
Wolfstock Mary McMahon, Donald Woodward A 1950's musical for senior high school students.
Wonder in Aliceland Jo Denver, Donald Woodward Based on Lewis Carroll's classic novel.

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Yvonne Tom King, Jack Fewster, Edith Aird 17/03/1926, Norwood Town Hall

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Zombie Barbecue Tony Harvey, Stephen O'Donnell, Des Mangan, Malcolm Frawley 30/11/1984, Not Another Theatre, Sydney, NSW
Zombied Mary McMahon, Donald Woodward   A Carribbean Carnival musical for senior high school students.

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